Catch up!

Grab a cuppa, this is going to be a long one…

As if my last blog post was in May like that’s ages away!! I guess having a full time job and regularly going gym/circuit training I literally have 0 time spare.

Let’s start with my job! So in February I started my new job as a nursery nurse looking after preschool children (Ages 3-4) and in August they offered me a promotion to be Preschool Room Leader at one of their smaller settings! I was thrilled and said yes! I’m so glad I did take it because I genuinely love it here! I’m definitely working my hardest and it’s brill. I’m so happy to have slight pay rise too I mean when you shop at Topshop all the time there’s only so much you can buy before your money quickly runs out ha!

Which reminds me I’m so overdue a Topshop shopping spree! I love A/W clothing so I cannot wait to start getting some bits!! Bring on payday ha!

So onto me and my weight loss. I’m 5lbs away from 2 stone! I mean 2 stone sounds a lot doesn’t it and it is but like I didn’t even think I had that much to lose if you know what I mean! My goal is to fit into size 10 Jeans, I’m currently size 12 which is way better than my previous 16! I’m currently doing gym twice a week where I focus on running and then I do circuit training twice a week. I tend to eat fairly good mon-fri and then overload with crap on the weekends haha!

Lip fillers – Thought I may as-well update you! I have been having them done since March but they were not getting any bigger so just before my holiday in August I decided to try someone new and I’m so glad I did! It’s cheaper and more filler so win win. I did not have them done this month because I was trying to pay off some of my credit card (yes I have debts lol) and I feel like they have gone down slightly idk maybe it’s just me hah. I’m still not at the size I want so hopefully with this new woman I will get there quicker!

Me and Adam are still going strong, he does my nut in occasionally but that’s love right? 3 years in May since we’ve been together so I’ll expecting the engagement ring soon hahaha

We moved back to both our parents’ in December last year and was meant to save for a mortgage but we haven’t at all lol! We’ve just spent and spent so god knows when we will move out! At the moment it’s nice just seeing other a few times a week and going out (bit like the honeymoon period again kinda)

I think that’s it for now you know! My life in a nutshell really lol

Oh actually Shout out to my besties who have gone travelling for like 23 days and I miss them lots! So jealous xx

On payday I’ll be hitting the shops so I’ll more than likely do a post about my buys from Topshop for A/W, eeeek!!

Stay posted,

Becky xx

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