Bank Hol Outfits

Hey readers!

Bit late with this blog post I know, sorry!

But anyway let’s talk about the bank hol. So much for the lovely weather! I mean it has been hot and muggy but no actual sunshine and we’ve had a few thunderstorms. I reckon I jinxed it you know, I always say this. I’m not going to mention weather holding out for us again just incase hahah.

So despite the okish weather I hope you all had a good’ n! It was a 3 day weekend so I’m sure you all did (sorry if you worked)

Having a bank hol is brilliant because I feel like the weekend just isn’t long enough is it? I mean two days come on?! You can’t even enjoy Sunday, well me personally I just hate Sundays, especially after 4 o’clock because it’s just wind down time isn’t it ready for work the next day meh. So yeah having that Monday extra was fab! Felt like I actually had a weekend and could relax as well as go out and enjoy myself.

So Friday I went gym straight from work then me and Adam were looking after his cousins in their amaze house. Honestly, they have a projector as their tv!!

Saturday was a quick shopping trip to get my sisters’ and auntie a bday gift each. It was the twins 16th so did give them quite a bit of money so they could go shopping! Alix wanted a Topshop gift card, she is definitely following my footsteps with her fashion which is brill! Soon once I’m skinny enough we will be sharing clothes hahaha

On the evening we had a chinese but you know I wasn’t a fan of it. I don’t know whether it’s my healthy new mindset lol but definitely going off some foods rn.

Saturdays outfit…

Top – Roll Sleeve Tshirt

Blazer – Women’s soft spot jacket

Jeans – Moto straight leg jeans

Bag – Sandra Stitch Shoulder Bag

Trainers – Ciara chunky trainers

On Sunday I went to the gym again. I actually went 5 times in total that week! I feel like you can go through stages where you can be totally up for it then other times you’d rather be a couch potato and not go.

After this I decided to get ready and then just spontaneously think of somewhere to go with ad. But oh my lord after a while of getting ready when I was finally done, the heavens had opened! The rain was horrendous. So we were a bit miffed but we still went to a pub haha! The rain had eased off and we just sat in the huts outside so it was ok then we took a dominos back in to mine. Yum yum!

I wore same as yesterday just changed the jacket.

Jacket was from pull&bear and I’m actually selling it now it’s on my Depop @beckyfarley

On Monday it was the twins bday so we went out for some lunch at a nice country pub in Sollihul with the whole family and then popped into touchwood shopping centre for some retail therapy! The Topshop was good here but you know what annoyed me there was like loads of size 4, 6 and 8’s like come on Topshop where’s your other sizes let’s be equal here!

Sunday’s outfit…

Top – Striped linen shirt

Jeans – Moto straight leg jeans

Trainers – Ciara chunky trainers

Blazer – Pinstriped jersey blazer

So there we have it guys! I can’t wait for many more outfits to come I’ve been to Topshop loads lately and have so much more to show you!

Also if you have noticed I’m a lot more tanned lately than usual but it’s definitely fake haha! I just prefer being tanned now it’s summer and my legs are out etc. The tan I use is Bondi Sands.

Have a great week and weekend lovelies,

Becky xx

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