The Easter Weekend

Hey lovelies…

Hope you all had a lovely easter weekend eating plenty of eggs. I actually only ate about two eggs you know which is very good compared to previous years! I love an Easter egg but I HAVE to have them freezing cold. I will even put them in the freezer if the fridge isn’t making it cold enough hahah! Also I only like Nestle eggs NOT Cadbury’s. I’m so weird I know!

So onto the weekend and what I’ve been up to right? On Friday I got my lips done and I think I have found my new fave aesthetics nurse!! I had 1ml (the amount I always have) and they are actually at the biggest they’ve ever been at the moment. I’m loving them. Don’t get me wrong though I still want them bigger so I’ve actually booked in again at the end of April for another 1ml. She made me feel so at ease and I didn’t feel too much! Here is a before and after….

Can I just point out that they have actually gone down a bit now since that picture *sigh*. The swelling lasts for about 2-3 days so bare that in mind if you’re going to get yours done.

If you want bigger lips and feel yours are quite small the best thing to do is just keep going and build the filler up till you get to the desired size. Like I said I still want more so I’m going to go back another couple of times and hopefully they will be pretty big. Just need to make sure I don’t look like Pete burns though hahahh.

Soooo back to my plans. Friday was also the day we got to the cottage. Basically my mom and dad paid for all the family to stay in a nice 5 bed cottage right by a farm in Tenbury Wells (near Herefordshire). We had it Friday to Friday but because of work me and Adam could only stay to the Wednesday.

So the family consists of Mom, Dad, Alix and Nicole (my younger twin sisters), me and Adam and then my older sister Charlotte with her fiancé Jack and their two little boys Renly and Vinnie. We are a very crazy family and are never bored when we’re together!

Arriving there we sorted out who had what rooms, had a look at the leaflets about the town and also fed our tummy’s. We just had a chill out that night. On the Saturday we all went to the farm across from us to see the sheep and cows. It was lambing season which I didn’t actually know existed paha. It was great because we got to see some lambs be born aswell as have a hold of some of them!

We also had a walk into Tenbury Wells that day to the local high street to see what was there. Unfortunately there wasn’t much open (with it being the Easter Weekend) but I did take a few decent snaps…

We also came across a park for little Ren whilst on our travels…

On the night we had a fab chinese and played some games!

Sunday Mom did an amazing turkey roast. Yes Turkey as if it’s Christmas. She does spoil us our Rach does. Before this, Me and Adam went to visit his Grandad who lives in Herefordshire. We stopped for a cuppa and catch up which was nice.

My ootd was my fave…

Don’t you just wish you lived somewhere like this purely for the decent photo opportunities?

Tbh I could have got even better backgrounded photos like in the towns etc but it was raining the majority of the time so really couldn’t take many!

On the night we had sandwiches for tea (because of having the Sunday roast) and we played more games. We played Mr & Mrs and I can honestly say me and Adam know each other pretty well.

That brings us to Monday where we all went swimming in the morning came home and had some lunch then me and Ad went off to Ludlow.

It was a lovely place with some charity shops, boutiques, coffee shops, markets and a Castle.

Unfortunately it was tipping down with rain most of our time there! Luckily we was only there about 2 hours. We paid £6 each to look around the castle. I was stupid thinking there would be undercover parts like there would be a roof but of course there wasn’t.

We ran back to the car and couldn’t wait to be back at the cottage in the warm! Ha

Tuesday was our last full day there so we all popped to Hereford where they have more well known shops etc.

Of course I couldn’t resist going into Topshop. I only bought one thing actually which Adam was really shocked about ha.

Here is some more pretty pictures of Hereford including the ‘Weeping Window’ – the famous poppy sculpture to show contribution to war effort.

After Hereford me mom dad and Adam popped to a country pub not far from our cottage for a cosy drink. It’s such a shame it wasn’t summer because I defos would have been in the beer garden!

We ended our last day/night with a chippy!! Honestly I ate SO bad over that weekend and couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. I went today and feel better already ahaha.

When I got home I saw my bestie Laur for lunch and it was SO nice. She’s back for 2 weeks so going to see her lots YAY!

Btw guys I’m working on my vlog too about the Easter Break but it takes ageeeees to upload, edit and put it altogether but I’ll get there eventually and hopefully it will be up by the weekend! Can’t wait for you guys to see it. My YouTube Channel is called Fashion Enthusiast for you newbies xx

Anyway until next time,

Becky x

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