FASHION | 5 ways to wear white jeans

So I recently hopped on the white jean trend and can honestly say I love them! Especially for only £8.99 from H&M!

When I first bought them I was a little unsure of how to style them but after mixing and matching I’ve came up with my faves and thought I’d share with you all.

I will link clothing if it’s still available in store.

  1. The casual but smart look

Oversized grey knit and converse. This jumper is from H&M I’ve got one here similar Knitted Jumper

2. The all over Monochrome look

Such a classic! This coat was from Topshop in Boxing Day sale so not available anymore so here some alternatives Asos check coat, New Look check coat, Topshop check coat

3. The Girly girl look

Such a cute look! Throw over a colourful jacket to your all white outfit to jazz it up. This is Primarks pink teddy coat which I don’t think is for sale anymore. H&M pink coat this is an alternative. The white top with broiderie is Topshop White t-shirt

4. The biker jacket look

When you want to look a bit more edgy throw over your leather jacket. This leather is an old one from River island that I got off Depop. I recommend real leather because they just fit nicer and don’t make you look like an actual biker! The blouse is H&M – Snakeprint blouse

5. The dressy look

Pair the jeans with some black boots and you’re good to go really! A blazer is such a versatile piece of clothing as you can make it casual with some trainers. Boots alternative – Missguided boots. Blazer alternative – ISAWITFIRST Blazer

So there we have it my lovelies, 5 different ways to wear the white jeans. I cannot find the jeans online but here are similar ones Asos white jeans and Asos super high waist jeans both under £25

Until next time,

Becky x

FASHION | Shexy Shirts

Topshop have THE best blouses and shirts in my opinion. They make me want to just wear jeans and shirt every day. Imagine that, just having a diff shirt for every day. LOVE it.

Here are my fave shirts at the mo from TOPSHOP:

Animal Utility Shirt, £35

Rouleau Button Shirt, £35

Snake Print Mensy Shirt, £35

Horse Utility Shirt, £35

Leopard Long Sleeve Shirt, £35

Stripe Shirt (also comes in other colours), £35

Paisley Printed Shirt, £35

Houndstooth Shirt, £32

There are a few cheaper alternatives on new look if you don’t want to spend too much.

Hope you love these shirts as much as I do!

I’m back at work tomorrow ahhhh, it’s so hard going back isn’t it after Christmas break? Although I’ll be glad to get back into a routine to be honest and stop eating 24/7 whilst being at home haha!

Have a good week!

Until next time,

Becky x

2 0 1 9

Happy new year my lovely readers!

I do and don’t love New Years.

I do because we get to focus on stuff we want to change or improve, it’s gives us the chance to start again almost.

But with the same token though I don’t like it because it’s the pressure to do this. It’s like just because it’s New Years doesn’t mean we HAVE to alter anything right?

But we should all have goals to aspire to and help us to keep going!

My goals of 2019

  • Fitness – get to where I want to be. I want to look in the mirror and feel great.
  • Debt – clear this completely (I have a very account and an overdraft that needs sorting)
  • Saving – whether this is for a mortgage or to go places.
  • Job – be content with my job. There’s moments in my life where I really feel I should be working in fashion not with children.
  • Lips – reduce the amount of times I go for fillers
  • Blog – write more? Easier said than done

Regarding my blog I will try writing more however I have had writers block for a while recently. Always feeling like I have nothing good to write about, forgetting what I was doing the blog for. It’s my escape from the real world and lets me release my enjoyment for fashion. Fashion is my hobby, I wish it was my job but it’s not. So for me my Instagram and blogging is the only way to show and express my love for clothing and all things Topshop lol.

So with my blog I’ve decided to separate my posts into 3 categories. TRAVEL, FASHION, LIFESTYLE.

With TRAVEL you can expect to see where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. Don’t get me wrong I won’t post things like going to Asda or going to meal with friends because there wouldn’t be much content. It will be more for city breaks and long stays. With FASHION you can expect my recent buys or my new fave items which I might do weekly tbf with Topshop especially (I need shares in Topshop I swear). Finally from LIFESTYLE you will get little blogs about things happening in my life, negative or positive, (little catch ups if you like).

Another goal I should have put on there is finding the balance. I have been very stressed the past couple of months (think thats why my acne has come back) because I felt overwhelemed with everything. With everything being my job – paperwork side to it and not having the time, my fitness – going either circuit training or gym, seeing friends, family and boyfriend – not being able to dedicate the time to them because of planning for work or gym. It was never ending and I was always upsetting someone or myself. It’s not a healthy lifestyle I now know so I’ve luckily made some changes.

With work I will now choose one day to do my planning for the whole month. With the gym and circuit I will do these every week but if there is a social/family event on then of course I will go and cancel gym/circuit and not feel bad about it! Its okay to miss out and won’t suddenly make me gain weight. Finally to myself I need to make sure I get some time out sometimes where I just chill. I will definitely be doing that this month due to being on the poorer side of life after Christmas!

God help adam, I’m a nightmare when I have to stay in hahaha

Until next time,

Becky x

Are clothes sizes getting smaller?

Honestly haven’t felt the urge to write anything in a while, my minds been elsewhere.

However I have today. I’m a bit miffed off ngl.

So it started when I ordered some Topshop straight leg jeans in blue (so nice). I’ve already got the size 12 you see and they’ve become a bit loose now and you know when you want jeans to be tight and give you a bit of a bum. Well these don’t do anything for me hence why they are now on my Depop!

So as anyone would think, I ordered the size down right? I ordered size 10. And oh my they would not button up!!! Like I genuinely don’t get it?

But what I have been noticing is the labels have all changed in Topshop haven’t they like they’ve had a refurb if you like. So comparing the two jeans together they are different in that sense. SO basically I’m wondering like is this new label meaning they have altered their designs and sizes?

Because can I just point out today I bought some corduroy black Joni jeans in a size 14!!! I mean nothing wrong with being this size however since I’ve lost weight I haven’t bought a size 14 in months! So again this has confused and annoyed me!

I know I’ve eaten a fair bit of crap this Christmas week but I’ve surely not gone up a size.

I’ve researched it and haven’t found anything but I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem?

Rant over. I love Topshop and will continue to shop there but it’s not a confidence boost really is it haha!

Until next time

Becky xx

The start of our AW wardrobe

Hey lovelies,

If you saw my previous blog post you will know that I have done a fairly big shop to begin my autumn winter wardrobe yay!

I hadn’t done a big shop in ages and I was so excited!!

But now I feel the pain of it by looking at my bank account, ooops!

Actually I didn’t spend as much as I wanted, like let’s be honest I think £300-£400 is ideal when you want to get a whole new wardrobe change right? But who can really afford that?!

So I decided to do a list of the basics:

– One decent coat (fur, teddy or puffa) you can always get another coat next payday

– Boots ( classy, flat, chunky? Your choice)

– 2-3 jumpers ( polo necks, knitted long sleeve tops, sweaters)

– Jeans (new season new jeans! Can’t go wrong with dark blue or black for A/W)

– Skirt (denim skirt to go with oversized jumpers, or find a nice corduroy one which is on trend rn)

– Autumnal accessories (I updated my bag collection and also bought a cute grey checkered scrunchie )

So once you’ve got the basic garments you can then elaborate your wardrobe and get some statement pieces such as dungarees or the perfect casual suit.

Here’s some outfit inspiration via Pinterest…

Happy Saturday!

Becky xx

Catch up!

Grab a cuppa, this is going to be a long one…

As if my last blog post was in May like that’s ages away!! I guess having a full time job and regularly going gym/circuit training I literally have 0 time spare.

Let’s start with my job! So in February I started my new job as a nursery nurse looking after preschool children (Ages 3-4) and in August they offered me a promotion to be Preschool Room Leader at one of their smaller settings! I was thrilled and said yes! I’m so glad I did take it because I genuinely love it here! I’m definitely working my hardest and it’s brill. I’m so happy to have slight pay rise too I mean when you shop at Topshop all the time there’s only so much you can buy before your money quickly runs out ha!

Which reminds me I’m so overdue a Topshop shopping spree! I love A/W clothing so I cannot wait to start getting some bits!! Bring on payday ha!

So onto me and my weight loss. I’m 5lbs away from 2 stone! I mean 2 stone sounds a lot doesn’t it and it is but like I didn’t even think I had that much to lose if you know what I mean! My goal is to fit into size 10 Jeans, I’m currently size 12 which is way better than my previous 16! I’m currently doing gym twice a week where I focus on running and then I do circuit training twice a week. I tend to eat fairly good mon-fri and then overload with crap on the weekends haha!

Lip fillers – Thought I may as-well update you! I have been having them done since March but they were not getting any bigger so just before my holiday in August I decided to try someone new and I’m so glad I did! It’s cheaper and more filler so win win. I did not have them done this month because I was trying to pay off some of my credit card (yes I have debts lol) and I feel like they have gone down slightly idk maybe it’s just me hah. I’m still not at the size I want so hopefully with this new woman I will get there quicker!

Me and Adam are still going strong, he does my nut in occasionally but that’s love right? 3 years in May since we’ve been together so I’ll expecting the engagement ring soon hahaha

We moved back to both our parents’ in December last year and was meant to save for a mortgage but we haven’t at all lol! We’ve just spent and spent so god knows when we will move out! At the moment it’s nice just seeing other a few times a week and going out (bit like the honeymoon period again kinda)

I think that’s it for now you know! My life in a nutshell really lol

Oh actually Shout out to my besties who have gone travelling for like 23 days and I miss them lots! So jealous xx

On payday I’ll be hitting the shops so I’ll more than likely do a post about my buys from Topshop for A/W, eeeek!!

Stay posted,

Becky xx

What I wore this weekend

Hey readers!

How fab has this weather been? And it looks like it sets to stay like this for the coming week and bank holiday weekend!! (Well hope I haven’t jinxed it now)

So this weekend has consisted of a family picnic on Sunday followed by a delightful curry on the night. Then Saturday was a beer garden and TGI’s yum yum.

My outfit for sat was this fab dress from ASDA at only £12.50!

I did get try get some proper pics of me with it on but I hated the photos! My hair was a mess and I hadn’t put any makeup on haha. I could have sized down in this dress actually as it isn’t as fitted as I’d hoped so bare that in mind if you do go buy it. But it is a lovely dress and so cheap.

Sunday’s outfit was better, my fave outfit so far this year I think. The ‘shacket’ from Topshop is just the best item in my wardrobe rn.

Outfit links:

Top – Roll Sleeve T-shirt

Jeans – MOTO Authentic Straight Leg Jeans

Bag – Sandra Stitch Shoulder Bag

Jacket – Raw Hem Crop Shacket

Shoes – Daphne Chunky Sandals

Sunglasses – sold out but some similar on Asos

Necklace sold out but here’s an alternative – Coin and Horn Multi Row Necklace

So there we have it guys!

Have a good week and enjoy the sun,

Becky xx