The start of our AW wardrobe

Hey lovelies,

If you saw my previous blog post you will know that I have done a fairly big shop to begin my autumn winter wardrobe yay!

I hadn’t done a big shop in ages and I was so excited!!

But now I feel the pain of it by looking at my bank account, ooops!

Actually I didn’t spend as much as I wanted, like let’s be honest I think £300-£400 is ideal when you want to get a whole new wardrobe change right? But who can really afford that?!

So I decided to do a list of the basics:

– One decent coat (fur, teddy or puffa) you can always get another coat next payday

– Boots ( classy, flat, chunky? Your choice)

– 2-3 jumpers ( polo necks, knitted long sleeve tops, sweaters)

– Jeans (new season new jeans! Can’t go wrong with dark blue or black for A/W)

– Skirt (denim skirt to go with oversized jumpers, or find a nice corduroy one which is on trend rn)

– Autumnal accessories (I updated my bag collection and also bought a cute grey checkered scrunchie )

So once you’ve got the basic garments you can then elaborate your wardrobe and get some statement pieces such as dungarees or the perfect casual suit.

Here’s some outfit inspiration via Pinterest…

Happy Saturday!

Becky xx

Catch up!

Grab a cuppa, this is going to be a long one…

As if my last blog post was in May like that’s ages away!! I guess having a full time job and regularly going gym/circuit training I literally have 0 time spare.

Let’s start with my job! So in February I started my new job as a nursery nurse looking after preschool children (Ages 3-4) and in August they offered me a promotion to be Preschool Room Leader at one of their smaller settings! I was thrilled and said yes! I’m so glad I did take it because I genuinely love it here! I’m definitely working my hardest and it’s brill. I’m so happy to have slight pay rise too I mean when you shop at Topshop all the time there’s only so much you can buy before your money quickly runs out ha!

Which reminds me I’m so overdue a Topshop shopping spree! I love A/W clothing so I cannot wait to start getting some bits!! Bring on payday ha!

So onto me and my weight loss. I’m 5lbs away from 2 stone! I mean 2 stone sounds a lot doesn’t it and it is but like I didn’t even think I had that much to lose if you know what I mean! My goal is to fit into size 10 Jeans, I’m currently size 12 which is way better than my previous 16! I’m currently doing gym twice a week where I focus on running and then I do circuit training twice a week. I tend to eat fairly good mon-fri and then overload with crap on the weekends haha!

Lip fillers – Thought I may as-well update you! I have been having them done since March but they were not getting any bigger so just before my holiday in August I decided to try someone new and I’m so glad I did! It’s cheaper and more filler so win win. I did not have them done this month because I was trying to pay off some of my credit card (yes I have debts lol) and I feel like they have gone down slightly idk maybe it’s just me hah. I’m still not at the size I want so hopefully with this new woman I will get there quicker!

Me and Adam are still going strong, he does my nut in occasionally but that’s love right? 3 years in May since we’ve been together so I’ll expecting the engagement ring soon hahaha

We moved back to both our parents’ in December last year and was meant to save for a mortgage but we haven’t at all lol! We’ve just spent and spent so god knows when we will move out! At the moment it’s nice just seeing other a few times a week and going out (bit like the honeymoon period again kinda)

I think that’s it for now you know! My life in a nutshell really lol

Oh actually Shout out to my besties who have gone travelling for like 23 days and I miss them lots! So jealous xx

On payday I’ll be hitting the shops so I’ll more than likely do a post about my buys from Topshop for A/W, eeeek!!

Stay posted,

Becky xx

What I wore this weekend

Hey readers!

How fab has this weather been? And it looks like it sets to stay like this for the coming week and bank holiday weekend!! (Well hope I haven’t jinxed it now)

So this weekend has consisted of a family picnic on Sunday followed by a delightful curry on the night. Then Saturday was a beer garden and TGI’s yum yum.

My outfit for sat was this fab dress from ASDA at only £12.50!

I did get try get some proper pics of me with it on but I hated the photos! My hair was a mess and I hadn’t put any makeup on haha. I could have sized down in this dress actually as it isn’t as fitted as I’d hoped so bare that in mind if you do go buy it. But it is a lovely dress and so cheap.

Sunday’s outfit was better, my fave outfit so far this year I think. The ‘shacket’ from Topshop is just the best item in my wardrobe rn.

Outfit links:

Top – Roll Sleeve T-shirt

Jeans – MOTO Authentic Straight Leg Jeans

Bag – Sandra Stitch Shoulder Bag

Jacket – Raw Hem Crop Shacket

Shoes – Daphne Chunky Sandals

Sunglasses – sold out but some similar on Asos

Necklace sold out but here’s an alternative – Coin and Horn Multi Row Necklace

So there we have it guys!

Have a good week and enjoy the sun,

Becky xx

What I wore this weekend

Thought I’d start trying to document my outfits that I wear on the weekends and include links incase any of you want to purchase them :-))

Saturday – me and ad had a Nando’s date, some drinks at our fave beer garden and popped to my sisters to see my gorgeous nephews! My outfit for the day was comfy and cas. This blazer is my new fave item!

Blazer – Pinstripe Jersey Blazer

Jeans – MOTO authentic Straight Leg Jeans

Top – Roll Sleeve T-shirt

Bag – Sandra Stitch Shoulder Bag

Trainers – Reebok Classic

Necklace – Coin Ditsy Necklace

Sunday – we popped to the shops so I could grab something from Argos for the nursery I work at, went nans for a Sunday roast and then went to a beer garden to enjoy the sun ofc

Trousers – Trousers with frilled pockets

Tee –Slogan Tee

Same bag, blazer and trainers as before 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I’ve eaten lots but have managed to go gym 4 times this week! It’s getting closer and closer to my sissy’s wedding so need to shed the pounds haha!

Until next time

Becky xx

My Nose Job Experience

Hey lovelies! 

So it’s been a whole year since my nose job, where the time has gone, I don’t know!

So this is a post I thought I’d do as I think it can be really helpful to those of you considering surgery whether that be a nose job or something else. I know I would have liked to have read a blog about people’s experiences. 

So I’ll be telling you all about my experience including the cost, the treatment, where I went and sharing a few rough (not for the faint hearted) pictures!

So lets go right back to the decision to have my nose done. I was very self conscious about my nose and definitely had a complex by the time I was leaving school so age 16. I used to hate my picture being taken from the side and I just always felt people was staring at it if I got on the bus or walked into a busy restaurant. It really affected me along with other parts of my face (I’m currently getting regular lip fillers). I did try counselling but it didn’t really help me. I started considering rhinoplasty (the posh, correct term) when I saw that some celebs had undergone it including reality stars Charlotte Crosby and Ferne McCann. I was 20 when my mom said look you can’t be unhappy all your life as it’s just not worth it and she hated seeing me so depressed and conscious about it. She said she will do some research and ask her Auntie who is a nurse, to see if she knows of any good plastic surgeons. Luckily because it was my big 21st bday coming up she knew everyone would put money and I would be able to afford it. Well even if I didn’t we was considering Finance as this is actually something you can do. 

After talking with her auntie, mom said there is a popular surgery in Poland to go at half the price as what you would pay here. Yes, Poland. I was very anxious and uncertain about going to a differnt country but mom did reassure me and said she would be there every step of the way. After doing lots of research I emailed them to enquire. They will respond fairly soon and they will ask you to send pictures of your nose from the front, both sides and also the underneath. this means they can tell you what needs to be done and for how much! So you basically get an instant quote! My quote was £2000 which was literally half the price of what you would pay in the UK. Prices start from £4000 here. You don’t pay till you’re there btw because you need to pay in cash. So If you’re happy with all the details they will give you a date and then when it is all finalised they will send you an email about what happens next. Who to book your flights with and hotel reccomendations near the hotel. They were really good with the communication and helped us out a lot if we were unsure. 

Here are some email screenshots actually so you can see how helpful they are and how much info they provide.

So the place is called Professional Beauty Surgery which is based in WROCLAW, Poland. Their website had lots of information on and lots of reviews including video reviews. After researching we found out that some celebs had been there including X factor’s Chris Maloney! 

Website –

So after confirming the date (April 10th – surgery date) we booked the flights and hotel. Can I just point out that you are required to stay 5 days after your surgery so they can double check everything and take the cast off. So bare that in mind that you will need to be there for about a week really thats what we did. We used RyanAir for cheapest flights and we stayed at the Boutique Hotel. It was very clean and accomadating. 

Day 1 – we got collected from the airport by their English speaking driver. It was like we was in a film the way he held up my name! He took us straight to our hotel and said he will pick us up on the day of surgery to take us to the clinic. The journey of him picking us up from the airport and taking us to the clinic were both free btw. If you wanted him any other times it did cost. 

Day, 2 and 3 we just sussed out the area and looked for the clinic which really wasn’t far and also had a look at a local shopping mall. Day 3 I also could not eat or drink anything after 12pm midnight prior to the operation. So again bare that in mind.

Day 4 – The taxi driver Chris picked us up and took us to the clinic. Both me and mom felt sick with nervousness I couldn’t eat becuase I wasn’t allowed but mom just felt too sick to eat anything! On this day you have your consultation with your suregon to go over everything and double check what you actually are having done. So for me it was to remove the hump, straighten the nose from front and also lift the tip slightly. I was having Open Rhinoplasty which is where they do all the work underneath the skin. (Gross). This Rhinoplasty is more complex than closed Rhinoplasty so healing time is slightly longer. So whilst having our consultation we got told the plan, I had to take some bloods then be taken to see a psychiastrist (not entirely sure why, I think it’s because it’s a cosmetic procedure so they need to make sure you’re not depressed etc about the way you look). After this I would be taken down to my room.

Mom actually fainted during the consultation because she hadn’t eaten. Plus she felt anxious and nervous about the whole thing! She wasn’t even the one having it done, how did she think I felt?! Haha

So after all of that it was time to go to my room, I’m not going to lie I had a shock. I assumed mom would come with me and so did she but she wasn’t allowed. This is one bad thing I must admit. I felt really sick when I had to say bye to mom but luckily I had my phone on me and used the WIFI and so did she at the hotel. I think I was in my room at about 11 and didn’t have my surgery till about 3 I think so it’s quite a wait. You have to be put on a drip. It’s a waiting game, I slept quite a bit and read a book whilst messaging mom the whole time. Also you share a room with one other person and it could be anyone, same gender but yeah anyone. I was with a Polish woman who was having her boobs done. She was very friendly actually and spoke good English. Most the patients at the clinic though were English so you will more than likely be put with someone English which I think is more reassuring.

So surgery time! I don’t remember too much, just the nurse telling me we were ready to go down and I just remember this big white surgery room like what you see on Holby City and Casualty and all these nurses and doctors around me. I rememeber them saying we’re going to give you the anaesthetic now you’ll be fine etc. And literally I went to sleep pretty quick I swear!! It’s really mad aha. And I just remember waking up feeling a bit weird because I had this cast on my nose which just felt tight. I saw mom right by my side which was SO nice. She said she was there about half an hour waiting for me to wake up haha! When I got up I felt a bit dizzy. They say you can be sick after it and I was when I got up to go toilet. It wasnt very nice.

So after Mom went I just kept going on and off to sleep and in myself I felt fine. The only way to describe it is like it feels like you have a cold, like your nose is proper blocked the cast feels really tight. It’s not painful as such, just more like a throbbing pain.

So here’s some after surgery pictures…

Omg it makes my eyes water looking back at these! They were so puffy! I couldn’t even wear my contact lenses!

The swelling begins coming out within the first 6-12 hours and then gets worse until about the third day then it will slightly begin to ease.

So back to the hospital and after the operation the nurse will come and take these tampon type things out your nose. Oh my god this is the WORST 5 seconds of your life. It feels like your nose is going to fall apart because they are so tightly packed in so as they are pulling them out it just doesn’t feel right.

After this you may bleed a fair bit so have to just keep the tissue pad thing underneath. I did for the 5 days actually. So after they have checked you all over you are free to leave! I was so glad to see mom and to just get out of the hospital! Everyone was lovely there though I must admit.

This was me the morning ready to leave hospital.That first day we just chilled out and I kept sleeping because of the tablets haha!

On the night my swelling had gotten even worse…

I look like I’ve been beaten up!

It started to become very uncomfortable by day two and three, I was crying quite a bit because I was so tired and fed up! It’s hard to sleep at night I would definitely get sleeping tablets.

It was very boring aswell just staying in the hotel (there wasn’t much to do in Wroclaw especially when you’ve got a cast on your nose)

You do have to keep going back to the clinic every day so they can check the nose, give it a clean and then change the padding.

On day 3 we did actually go to the local mall despite wearing a cast and glasses hahah.

Day 4 we wandered into the local town centre and stopped off for a coffee. My bruising was more noticeable now. I did receive quite a few looks whilst walking around ha!

Day 5 – I was so happy to be finally getting my cast off. They checked me all over gave it a clean and removed the cast. It didn’t hurt actually I was expecting it to but it was ok. It’s just such a relief getting it off. When she took it off she said go and have a look. Omg I was so nervous to see it. When I did I’m not gonna lie I thought it looked too piggy-like but she reassured me that it’s just the swelling and that in a few months time it will subside. She put some steri strips on and said I was good to go!

So that was it, me and mom came home later on that day!

I was still so puffy and had bruises for a good few weeks I’d say! My nose was super swollen for at least 6 months like it was really thick and wide I never noticed at the time but looking back at photos it was huge hahaha. But yeah I’d say by 7-8 months the majority of the swelling will have gone but allow yourself 12 months for all swelling to subside.

Incase you didn’t see them before here are the before and after pics….

And this is how my nose looks now:

So there we have it! I’m super happy with the results and am way more confident now. Just want my lips to be bigger haha. My next lip appt will be 1st May so not long to go now!

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve helped you out if you’re considering surgery!

Becky xx

The Easter Weekend

Hey lovelies…

Hope you all had a lovely easter weekend eating plenty of eggs. I actually only ate about two eggs you know which is very good compared to previous years! I love an Easter egg but I HAVE to have them freezing cold. I will even put them in the freezer if the fridge isn’t making it cold enough hahah! Also I only like Nestle eggs NOT Cadbury’s. I’m so weird I know!

So onto the weekend and what I’ve been up to right? On Friday I got my lips done and I think I have found my new fave aesthetics nurse!! I had 1ml (the amount I always have) and they are actually at the biggest they’ve ever been at the moment. I’m loving them. Don’t get me wrong though I still want them bigger so I’ve actually booked in again at the end of April for another 1ml. She made me feel so at ease and I didn’t feel too much! Here is a before and after….

Can I just point out that they have actually gone down a bit now since that picture *sigh*. The swelling lasts for about 2-3 days so bare that in mind if you’re going to get yours done.

If you want bigger lips and feel yours are quite small the best thing to do is just keep going and build the filler up till you get to the desired size. Like I said I still want more so I’m going to go back another couple of times and hopefully they will be pretty big. Just need to make sure I don’t look like Pete burns though hahahh.

Soooo back to my plans. Friday was also the day we got to the cottage. Basically my mom and dad paid for all the family to stay in a nice 5 bed cottage right by a farm in Tenbury Wells (near Herefordshire). We had it Friday to Friday but because of work me and Adam could only stay to the Wednesday.

So the family consists of Mom, Dad, Alix and Nicole (my younger twin sisters), me and Adam and then my older sister Charlotte with her fiancé Jack and their two little boys Renly and Vinnie. We are a very crazy family and are never bored when we’re together!

Arriving there we sorted out who had what rooms, had a look at the leaflets about the town and also fed our tummy’s. We just had a chill out that night. On the Saturday we all went to the farm across from us to see the sheep and cows. It was lambing season which I didn’t actually know existed paha. It was great because we got to see some lambs be born aswell as have a hold of some of them!

We also had a walk into Tenbury Wells that day to the local high street to see what was there. Unfortunately there wasn’t much open (with it being the Easter Weekend) but I did take a few decent snaps…

We also came across a park for little Ren whilst on our travels…

On the night we had a fab chinese and played some games!

Sunday Mom did an amazing turkey roast. Yes Turkey as if it’s Christmas. She does spoil us our Rach does. Before this, Me and Adam went to visit his Grandad who lives in Herefordshire. We stopped for a cuppa and catch up which was nice.

My ootd was my fave…

Don’t you just wish you lived somewhere like this purely for the decent photo opportunities?

Tbh I could have got even better backgrounded photos like in the towns etc but it was raining the majority of the time so really couldn’t take many!

On the night we had sandwiches for tea (because of having the Sunday roast) and we played more games. We played Mr & Mrs and I can honestly say me and Adam know each other pretty well.

That brings us to Monday where we all went swimming in the morning came home and had some lunch then me and Ad went off to Ludlow.

It was a lovely place with some charity shops, boutiques, coffee shops, markets and a Castle.

Unfortunately it was tipping down with rain most of our time there! Luckily we was only there about 2 hours. We paid £6 each to look around the castle. I was stupid thinking there would be undercover parts like there would be a roof but of course there wasn’t.

We ran back to the car and couldn’t wait to be back at the cottage in the warm! Ha

Tuesday was our last full day there so we all popped to Hereford where they have more well known shops etc.

Of course I couldn’t resist going into Topshop. I only bought one thing actually which Adam was really shocked about ha.

Here is some more pretty pictures of Hereford including the ‘Weeping Window’ – the famous poppy sculpture to show contribution to war effort.

After Hereford me mom dad and Adam popped to a country pub not far from our cottage for a cosy drink. It’s such a shame it wasn’t summer because I defos would have been in the beer garden!

We ended our last day/night with a chippy!! Honestly I ate SO bad over that weekend and couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. I went today and feel better already ahaha.

When I got home I saw my bestie Laur for lunch and it was SO nice. She’s back for 2 weeks so going to see her lots YAY!

Btw guys I’m working on my vlog too about the Easter Break but it takes ageeeees to upload, edit and put it altogether but I’ll get there eventually and hopefully it will be up by the weekend! Can’t wait for you guys to see it. My YouTube Channel is called Fashion Enthusiast for you newbies xx

Anyway until next time,

Becky x

5 garments you NEED for Spring/Summer’18

I know it’s not been the warmest lately but hey ho! We can get excited for summer can’t we?

1. Sunnies.

It’s all about the statement glasses, last year we saw the cat eye and the tinted round ones and to know surprise they’re back again!

I’m loving the 60’s cat eye style ones…

2. Straw bag.

There are so many straw bags on Asos and Topshop rn so get yours early before they sell out! Some have Pom poms, some are round, some are tote/shopper bag shaped but they’re all gorgeous and perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons.

3. Slip dress

This is such an essential for the warm season. Use it to overlay or just on its own if it’s hot hot hot.

4. Mules

Oh my. I’ve never been a fan of mules but I am really feeling them this year. They’ve got so many in Topshop and I love them all. A lot of fashion bloggers and stylists are wearing them and they look fab. I’d wear them with some jeans, a basic tee and statement sunglasses.

5. Suit

I feel like a bright suit is fab for spring summer. I’d put with mules and straw bag or cas it up with some trainers and a cross body bag.

All pictures from Pinterest x

Becky x